03 March 2012

I am proud to announce a new Clojure project called “Frinj”.

Frinj is a practical unit-of-measure calculator DSL for Clojure.

Key features;

  • Tracks units of measure through all calculations allowing you to mix units of measure transparently
  • Comes with a huge database of units and conversion factors
  • Inspired by the Frink project
  • Tries to combine Frink’s fluent calculation style with idiomatic Clojure

Full source code available on github.

To wet your apatite head straight over to the sample calculations page to see what Frinj can do!

I also want to explain that despite it’s name, Frinj was never intended to be a clone of Fink, and thus does not support the entire Frink language. But since it’s a Clojure DSL, it doesn’t have to!

There was a couple of reasons I decided to create frinj;

  • I wanted the power of frink but with Clojure idioms.
  • I love Frink, and wanted to learn more about it.
  • Frink isn’t open source.
  • I wanted to have some fun.

So please take it for a spin, it’s damn fun!



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