14 February 2015

Its been a couple of months since I’ve stopped using Cider for Clojure development in Emacs. I find a simple ‘inferior lisp’ setup faster and more reliable. For a good summary of why one would consider not using Cider, see Luke VanderHart’s excellent summary.

There’s been some news in the non-cider/emacs/clojure world since I wrote my last post on the topic. Mainly the release of inf-clojure by Mr Batsov himself. I recently switched my emacs config over to inf-clojure and it simplified the setup quite a bit. 2 additions remain, re-loading of, and switching to, namespaces, and code navigation (with the use of etags). For more details on how to get etags working from Clojure see here.

This is the current state of my Clojure-related Emacs setup.



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